The Word Junkie by Ginger Eades

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"The Word Junkie" by Ginger Eades
I was a highjivin' debutante, on the dole, tippin' along the stroll,
in boots of Italian leather; hustlin' words as Schedule II-Clever.
'Round midnight, I wound up down on Division Street
when I spotted Johnny Law walkin' that very beat.
I was hiding inside my head
when the officer came over and said,
"You're in possession of a meandering mind!
But I'm a cut you a break-- just this one time."
So the Law let me go with a clean break
But I had to hustle cos it was gettin' late-
See, I was a practicing "Word Junkie," if you catch my drift,
thought I had gotten away with a mere slap on the wrist;
So I copped some phrases, got a dime bag of wit
I was high on words; man, I was lit!
I shuffled uptown, and tipped along the stroll
I had my words and was ready to rock n roll
I put a poem in the pockets of my suit
When two rookie cops busted me for "intent to distribute."
The coppers didn't like my claim of "words for personal use"
So they cuffed me & added charges of "literature abuse."
I plead guilty at the arraignment and now I'm doing time:
Life without parole in the jail of my mind.


Stephen Worden said...

Ginger -- Such a brilliant piece of writing and gorgeous audio production. As beautiful as ever! Still one of my favorite pieces.

Arnaud said...

This is awesome! I landed here by way of Jan Herman's blog. Thanks for posting this!