By Ginger Eades

danger comes dressed
as my indecisive will-
it chases my vulnerability
as i run toward love

i lose myself
on a dark trail of consternation
and hide behind the rapture of
shared ecstasy

i search for the right path
yet i am caught between
passion and timidity-
paralyzed with fear,
like a deer,
blinded by headlights
before its death


Paul Hawkins said...


squeeze boxed tunes roll around
the shattered gutter of the street strummer
summonin` a survival jive
stabbing flapping necks
squawking talking nerves
the crows load up on fluff outta the dealers corner pocket

this is me,
aiming a mangy dog eared black magic mask of a mirror at the world
this is me,
going to the fatman`s corner with flashbacks blinking
this is me,
now flat of magic like a spirit bottle used as an ashtray at a dull party
this is me,
the blinded driver now blinded by the medic`s accordian
this is me,
deafened by the magic all over again
to aid my getaway and avert staining the tar of the trodden paths and roads of those not yet born

am I already dead?
and you cannot see to kill me?

and in tune somehow
in contrast to the sleepless 3 am space of flat nights
there awoke in me something
a little sharpie scrawl here
a little mouthful from the spirit bottle there

i spat out after gargling
and staying in tune
sharp in the night
there awoke in me a new freedom
the sweet morning freedom of the free

paulh 140208

Anonymous said...

the magic was deafening
and in it's swirl
i felt

show me your sweet morning
i long for that freedom

Paul Hawkins said...

deadheaded your roses
and put lime in the grave
burnt all my bridges
then shot all i gave
slap bang into a vein
mined a seam of slumped dreams
scored me another ten bag
and tried to forget all that you said

Ginger Killian Eades said...

i told street preacher man about the deal that had gone down with all that noise mixing with peace like blood mixed or fixed with needle bleach he said don't pay him no mind cause he was in some need i said i was lookin for love going down a 2-way bend and i kept on cruising til two a.m. with the mining light on and not a dam thing lit up til half past the crack of dawn.

Anonymous said...

the ones that you missed
will hip and turn red
like the colour of anger
that beats round my head
so swollen with salty
the liquid that fell
onto your smoking bridges
under the swell
of the waves
of the feelings
that hurt and are raw
by all that I felt
and all that I saw
your sweet morning freedom
my prison instead
i’ll always remember
all that you said

Ginger Killian Eades said...

give me a signal
a sign
a notion
that you are mine
a hopeful nudge
from my hopeless drudge
that we'll never part-
i'll do my time in the jail of your heart

cover the lights
fall into my arms
tell me nothing
no need for charms-
just hold onto me
like the night holds onto the moon,
without your heart
love offers only impending doom

Anonymous said...

and you held me once
like I’d never been held
your hands round my waist
a kind of love weld

you blow torched your being
with hot breath on mine
and previous lifetimes
appeared intertwined

the myths and the passion
the babies unborn
the smell of the possible
our lives adorned

and the what really was
disappeared in thin air
the music and medicine
was our carriage there

Anonymous said...

When trapped i jump into the water the light
eye flash of lightening dear
inhibitions destroyed by action
boomerang powers neither yet hear and there
if i had a buffalo nickel for every chance i take
i be crowned feckin zillionair


kat dawg said...

untangle this thing

i got a piece of rope
you got a piece of string
i'm gonna need your help to
untangle this thing this thing this
untangle this thing this thing

you used to say you loved me
you used to say you care
but now you put everything else
above me 'bove me yeah
above me 'bove me yeah

so go and get your hammer
an' go and get your nails
i got some wood that we can
play with play with yeah
that we can play with play with yeah

Anonymous said...

i was told that rocksalt
shot out of a scatter gun
comes out in pieces tiny small
(not as small as the size of an origami skunk paper).
body sting, man down
now who`s singing?
its a rocksalting downer man
water dont slake the thirst at all

jandek halooming said...

where-ever what-ever
pleausure boats snaffle up and over halls of residence

sparky kid knows those formulas burnt and buried into some skull in backstreet London.

blue tablets
scream out
puking and gasping.....
how do i become a judge, a judger dredger of dim sum scam bluewater backwash
jukebox bass treble terribile on my knees
rejection of flower

your semen design that was once x marks the pox
now we pisspot full on spurt it in it...cadavererous spleen just a little bit
oh, ah, baby just a little bit fucking less.

yes, less
thinking about stodge, filler, back in black knee trembler
...shoot it up me.
and may... we, you me and you fella, AND you, reader,
may all of us live forever..
skyped hyped empty those big tankers, locked brakes, burning crawling kingsnakes

lets just sputter and shovel out the dead head bed imbedded snarky-funk truth.....
what off it, you cunting motherfucking wankfuck goldfish sabbatical drammatical jerk

so dig the new breed
never bury it..........

Anonymous said...

the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth
and hard as i try to get round what i feel
to turn it into a sensical something
i am drawn back to the love and the passion and the knowing how it felt to be in your arms and the wretched depths of abandonment when i was cast adrift
i know my ship was strange and sharing each other with the rest of the world was hard but you threw me overboard ..... i managed to swim and paddle and drag myself to the shore of some island of emotional limbo where i will forever sit looking out to sea and up at the sky for a sign or a smoke signal or you on another passing boat or raft
because in your arms is where i belong and in your darkness i still see the light and every mile i dream of you .......every time i sigh

Ginger Eades said...

Far too punk
To live as monk
don't let sexual desire
Eclipse what emotions require

Passionate feelings
Libido on fire
Far too Sincere
To Be in denial