Poem by Jonathan McElroy

Another Breath

When you take a breath
Take like it's your last

You'll never know

Give thanks for another second
Embrace the sunrise
Love the homeless
Forget about yesterday
Smile because there's no reason to frown
Don't let anyone bring you down
But lift them up
Play in the rain
Get burnt in the sun
And enjoy every season that passes
Meet new people
Make new friends
Don't be afraid of what's out there
It's not what's out there but what's in here
Inside you
That's your life
Make memories
And don't live in regret
Don't forget
But remember every thing in life is lesson
Never stop expanding
And never forget
That Every morning you wake up
You were granted another breath
Instead of death


adam said...

Where has this gem been hiding? It's not fair that a man who has the same gift of creative expression as the tenured professors at my university has only today come to me by way of suggestion by a colleague with mutual administration of this fine poet

Ginger Eades said...

hello Adam I am the website administrator.I am so glad to know that you enjoyed the poem I posted by jonathan mcelroy. we have a mutual friend at the University that you referred to as your colleague who has mutual administration (I assume that must have been a Freudian slip and that you most likely meant to say that you and Dr Baker have mutual admiration as opposed to a mutual administration of work written by this fine poet, I am so glad that you enjoyed reading his piece and I hope that you will return to the hipsters hustlers highjivers site again soon

Jonathan McElroy said...

Thank you Adam means a lot , if you would like to read some more of my work in your spare I'm at scrambledink.blogspot

Thanks again- Jonathan ~scrambled ink

Terry said...

JG- Awesome poem. I will go check out your site, Scrambled Ink!

Jonathan McElroy said...

Thanks terry appreciate it!