Work by Hammond Guthrie

HUAC 58 Years Letter

As my fingers plucked it from the letter box
the envelope and I began to sweat bullets -
HUAC was inviting me to attend the investigation
Cherokee DNA in my cellular magma,
Cousin Sam dead in the Alamo,
Cousin Woody singin' in heaven - and now this!
Grandma Ruchel came over from Minsk
Maybe we should go back -
back to standing in line?
Invited to answer questions about what I ask?
So - I walked a few peace demonstrations
wrote a few poems too - big deal!
I calmed my steel -
this isn't all that bad,
afterall -
I get a free trip to Washington
but the DC of peace parade
underground collectives is long over
In the old days I took target practice,
knew J. Edgar's ten best public enemies -
I was the genuine article trouble maker
Rotten apples running the show anyway,
buncha liars in dark panel suits -
who cares what they want?
Should I dress like an A-rab
carrying my own sand with me -
maybe show up with a camel or two?
Wait a second...
this letter is postmarked 1954 -
bit late don't ya think?
Now I remember, HUAC is deceased!
But - if HUAC sent me an e-mail
I'd answer it - and only if I wanted to
Falsifying paranoid dreams it seems
are still the price of security
here in the homeland
Now if I can just find my desk
I'll dive for cover!

© 2003 - Hammond Guthrie & Stew Albert

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Anonymous said...

Excellent book. A must-read book, in fact!