Poem by Geraldine Green


she drove like a crazy she drove like a beast
she drove like footsteps tapping in the street
she drove all night and she drove all day
she drove all before her out the way
she drove like a virgin drove like the sea
drove like floodgates opening to me
she drove her heart right out her mouth
drove her hair right into the clouds
she drove like a torrent flowing downhill
drove like a steam train drove where she will

she drove like a demon on its way to eternity
drove like a sailor home on leave
she drove like a lambast drove like a frown
drove like the ocean driving the wind down
drove like a leaf like a doorknob like a spell
drove like a hound howling to be free
drove like politicians drive us mad
drove like governors shackled to their fears
drove like presidents some good some bad
drove like hustlers high on speed
drove like dumpsters drove like fleas
drove like mangy dogs let off their leads
she drove me to love drove me to drink
drove me to everything so ok i'm on the brink
she drove me to distraction drove me loose
drove me to hell and back

yeah so ok i'm in love with a phantom
in love with a ghost
love with a dream that'll melt in the post
she loves me like a railroad yard
she bangs me like a brass gong

yeah ok so i can't break free
her love is like a piston
like a piston driving her love home.
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Derailed Poet said...

Love, love this GG!!!! x